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Lingo Education Organisation, an Overseas Job and Study abroad consultancy, was established with a core principle: to offer exceptional training and assistance to students and job seekers, regardless of their background. Our mission is to guide them through the crucial initial stage of their journey towards achieving their career and educational aspirations. Our unwavering commitment ensures that we stand by our students until they attain their desired job or degree, supporting them every step of the way.

Our Story

Dr. Kumara, an accomplished dental surgeon, charted his academic journey in Australia, where he not only honed his professional skills but also nurtured a rich network of global contacts, particularly resonating with individuals of German heritage. Upon his return to India in 2014, he commenced his practice at Pristine Hospital, gaining renown not just for his clinical expertise but also for his international acumen. His ability to connect and guide friends and family on their overseas ambitions naturally evolved into a passionate endeavor.

As the circle of individuals seeking a better future abroad expanded, the need for a dedicated, professional service became apparent. Thus, Lingo Education was born, a registered proprietorship under the Government of Karnataka, reflecting Dr. Kumara’s unwavering commitment to facilitating seamless transitions overseas, with a focus on Germany—known for its excellent career prospects and minimal risk.

At Lingo Education, we take pride in our profound industry insight gained through years of dedicated service. Our team, a blend of friendly and knowledgeable professionals, is the backbone of our operation, ensuring that our students and clients are well cared for in their new environment.

Our founding ethos stems from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students when they embark on an international education journey. The maze of adapting to a new life, managing documentation, securing part-time employment, and balancing studies with work are daunting tasks. At Lingo Education Organisation, we’ve decoded the formula for success, providing clear, efficient guidance that spares our clients from the tedious and often overwhelming processes. We empower them to concentrate on what truly matters—their education and prospects for a fulfilling career with competitive compensation.

Lingo Education Organisation doesn’t just aim to send people abroad; we strive to settle them into their new life with assurance and support. Our mantra encapsulates our mission: “We don’t just send you abroad; we settle you into your future.”

Join us and take the first step toward turning your international aspirations into a lived reality, with Lingo Education Organisation as your trusted partner in this transformative journey.


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